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Video:  Question Time style session - Queens Hall, Cuckfield. June 10th 7:30pm

The Say No to Cuck-stye Campaign has been steadily gathering pace since the first public meeting at Ansty Village Centre back in March.

On June 10th 2022 a Question Time style event was held in a packed Queen's Hall, Cuckfield.  The panellists were; Mims Davies MP, Jonathon Ash-Edwards (Leader of MSDC), Alison Bennett (Lib-Dem parliamentary candidate), Andy Burton (Chairman of Cuckfield Parish Council) and Michael Brown from the Campaign for Rural England.  The event was hosted by Brad Williams, Chairman of Ansty and Staplefield Parish Council.

An 8 minute summary of the event can be viewed at:

Mid Sussex District Plan Review proposes 1600 new houses on open countryside between the Cuckfield By-pass and Ansty.

The plan has recently been put on hold whilst national policies on housing numbers are confirmed. But the plan could be revived.

Ansty and Staplefield Parish Council and Cuckfield Parish Council are working together to actively oppose this development.

Watch this video to learn more:

Big Turnout for Say No to Cuck-Stye Public Meeting 12th March 2022

More than 170 people crammed into the first public meeting of the “Say No To Cuck-sty” campaign at Ansty Village Centre, to hear details of how the plans for a housing development — which would double the size of Cuckfield — are meeting a  wall of opposition.

Proposals to build more than 1,600 houses on a huge green field site merging the villages of Cuckfield and Ansty were briefed to parish councils by Mid Sussex District Council back in January and then rapidly put on “pause” after a huge community outcry. This is in addition to the 3,500 houses now under construction just a mile away in the so-called Northern Arc development, which will increase the size of Burgess Hill by a third. The “Say No To Cuck-stye” campaign has been gathering pace in recent weeks, backed by both Cuckfield and Ansty & Staplefield parish councils who are formally opposing the plans and have provided £30,000 of funding. And a new grassroots committee, the ‘Stop Cuck-stye Action Group’ (SCAG) is rapidly taking shape to galvanise local opposition.

“The public meeting was a great success — attended by a huge range of people across both communities and really beyond our exceptions,” said Councillor Jon Gilley of Ansty & Staplefield Parish Council.

“It shows there is not much confidence that the so-called ‘pause’ called by MSDC is any more than a political tactic to delay any unpopular decisions until after the local elections next May. We were able to explain how the campaign is already well organised with a defined strategy and media focus” he added.

The aim of the meeting was to be a community briefing, which included a detailed presentation from Andy Burton, chair of Cuckfield Parish Council, providing an insight into the district planning process, including the government’s controversial algorithm, which dictates housing numbers.

He also pointed out that the current plan means Mid Sussex has to accommodate the unmet housing needs of Crawley, Horsham & Brighton.

Included within the briefing was a video message from Mid Sussex MP Mims Davies and District Councillor Pete Bradbury, who said they will offer the campaign their “utmost” support.

“Its really important we work together with government, I've reached out to the planning minister and the secretary of state about the huge pressure we’ve got here in Mid Sussex, which could mean if we don’t fight hard we could lose the countryside views, we’re determined that's not going to be the case,” said Mims Davies in the TV clip.

This was followed by a Question Time session, where panel members Michael Brown, Sussex Chair of the Council for the Protection of Rural England, and Nick Beaumont, chair of Plumpton Parish Council who is involved in the Say No to Eton Down campaign, answered dozens of questions. 

After a huge range of questions were answered dozens of members of the audience came forward to offer practical and specialist advice and financial support if needed.

“We are already planning a series of other events over the coming months, including a more formal Question Time session where members of the local community can quiz our local politicians to find out exactly what progress is being made in Westminster to drop this unsustainable plan,” said Councillor Jon Gilley.

Ansty Village Centre was full to capacity with people attending the public meeting. Ansty Village Centre was full to capacity with people attending the public meeting.