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We are now at the stage that funding for Kings Counsel is our top priority. We will be holding our first major funding raising event in February, details of this are on the News page. If you are not able to attend but would like to make a donation please use our Donate Now button. The below information sums up what will be happening next and why your donations are so important.

The Ansty Farm site (Cuck-Stye) remains out of the latest version of the District Plan.

The next steps will be:

  • The final public consultation on the District Plan runs from 12/1/24 until 23/2/24. SCAG will be sending a response to support the removal of this site from the District Plan.

  • Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC) make final amends to the District Plan and submit the final version to the Planning Inspectorate for Examination – Spring 2024

  • Any appeals will be heard during the Summer/Autumn of 2024

  • The final version will then be adopted – before the end of 2024.

It is the appeals part of this process that is key. As we have seen from the outline planning applications that were submitted by Fairfax before Christmas, they have invested a lot of money into this site and we strongly suspect that they will continue to try to force MSDC, via the planning inspectorate process, to overturn the rejection of the Ansty Farm site (Cuck- Stye).

Although MSDC will have legal support in relation to the whole of the District Plan, our advice has been that we will need to mount a specific defence against the Ansty Farm site. This means engaging our own King’s Counsel which will inevitably cost a significant amount of money; hence, this is where your help is needed.

We currently have funding that will allow us to start the legal engagement, but we need more funding to get us over the final hurdle. Please help if you able to.


A massive thank you for your continued support and help. So far, together we have achieved:

  • The removal of the Ansty Farm (Cuck-Stye) site from the regulation 18 draft of the District Plan

  • Support from Councillors of all the main political parties that this site is simply the wrong type of development in the wrong place

  • A 96% rate of objection to the Ansty Farm (Cuck-Stye) site recorded in the Fairfax ‘consultation’ from local residents

  • Funding to date that (amongst other things) has allowed us to do multiple leaflet drops and publicise when we need you to assert your collective people power by writing to MSDC

  • Over 400 responses objecting to applications DM/23/2866 and 2867

The generous donations to date and your unwavering support have allowed us to achieve all this.

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