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3rd May 2024

Latest position

The District Plan is still expected to be formally submitted to the Government's Planning Inspectorate, along with evidence provided by us and other key respondents, by the end of spring 2024. The next step will then be the examination of the plan during Summer/Autumn 2024 and subject to approval, the Plan should be adopted by the end of the year. Assuming that it is approved, the Ansty Farm site will not be part of the plan and therefore the associated planning application should be declined. That said, we are expecting Fairfax to put in an appeal during this process as we know they have already engaged a King's Counsel to represent them. We therefore need to be in a position to robustly defend against this.

With this in mind, we have begun the legal engagement process, supported by a leading planning consultancy, and are currently obtaining quotes for the cost of our own legal representation. We expect our legal costs to be around £50k and although confident we can raise this sum, we are continuing to actively fundraise.

To this end, further events are in the process of being planned but if you feel able to make a contribution in the meanwhile then please do so using the DONATE button.

New association with the Cuckfield Society:

We have been aware for some time that the Stop Cuckstye Action Group, as a non-charitable organisation, does not benefit from gift aid or charitable trust donations that some individuals and businesses would be willing to make. We are also aware that as an action group we have gathered a large amount of reports, research material, website information etc over the last couple of years and once the District Plan is adopted, we want this material to remain available to be ready for any future attempts by Fairfax or another party to bring back the Ansty Farm site. With this in mind, SCAG have recently begun to work with the Cuckfield Society who do hold charitable status and we will be working in conjunction with them on our future fundraising activities.

Several of our members have now joined the Cuckfield Society with Giles King becoming the new chairman. The purpose of the Cuckfield Society is unchanged by this association but hopefully will benefit from our involvement. The plan is for SCAG to remain a separate grassroots organisation until the results of the Planning Examination are made public and the District Plan is adopted. Then, all the SCAG campaign material will be curated and handed over to the Cuckfield Society for their safekeeping should it be required in future years.

Cuckoo Fayre:

As we have done so previously, we will be manning a stall at the Cuckoo Fayre on Bank Holiday Monday (6th May) so please look out for us and feel free to drop by for a chat!

Regards, Simon Stokes (Chairman Stop Cuck-Stye Action Group)

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